MP Board Class 7th General English Solution Chapter 8 :  The Olympic Champion

Lesson 8 :  The Olympic Champion

The Olympic Champion Word Meanings

Athlete (एथलीट)-खिलाड़ी; ‘Events : (ईवेन्ट्स) – घटनाएँ; Ancient ( एन्शीएन्ट)-प्राचीन; Rowing (रोइंग) — नाव का खेना; In the middle of (इन द मिडिल ऑफ)-मध्य में; Against (अगेंस्ट)-विरुद्ध; Harbour (हार्बर) -बन्दरगाह; Sports-festival (स्पोर्ट्स फेस्टीवल)-खेल मेला; Lead (लीड)-आगे चलना; Interesting (इन्टरेस्टिंग) –रुचिपूर्णIn the lead (इन द लीड)-आगे; Associated (एसोसिएटिड)-जुड़े हुए; Picked up (पिक्ड् अप)उठाया; Share a gold medal (शेयर ए गोल्ड मैडल)-स्वर्ण पदक प्राप्त किया; Sculling (स्कलिंग)-नौका दौड़ जिसमें खिलाड़ी दो झपकों का प्रयोग करता है; Path (पाथ)-रास्ता; Row (रो)-नाव खेना;Out of danger (आउट ऑफ डेन्जर) -खतरे से बाहर; In the finals (इन द फाइनल्स)-अंतिम प्रतियोगिता में; Shout (शाउट)-चिल्लाना; Surprise (सरप्राइज)-आश्चर्य करना; Competition (कम्प्टीशन) -प्रतियोगिता; Catching up (कैचिंग अप) पकड़े हुए था; Suddenly (सडनली)-अचानक;Win someone’s heart (विन समवन्स हार्ट)-किसी के दिल को जीत लेना।


(A) Answer the questions given below :
(निम्नलिखित प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए )

Question 1.
What do we know about the ancient Olympic Games ?
We know a few things about the ancient Olympic Games. An Olympic sports festival was held in Greece in 776 B. C. at Olympia. Therefore, this sports-festival was called Olympic Games.
Question 2.
Where did the Olympic Games get their name from?
The Olympic Games festival was for the first time held in Greece at Olympia. So this sports festival got its name from the place ‘Olympia’
Question 3.
Who won a gold medal for a rowing race in the Olympic Games of 1928 ?
Bobby Pearce won a gold medal for a rowing race in the Olympic Games of 1928.
Question 4.
At what age did Bobby win the first race?
Bobby won the first race at the age of six.
Question 5.
Who did Bobby compete with in the finals of the Amsterdam Olympics ?
He competed with Ken Myers of America in the finals of the Amsterdam Olympics.
Question 6.
What caused Bobby to slow down in the middle of the race ?
A duck and her ducklings swam across the waterway. It was the path of Bobby’s boat. The boat was going to run into them, therefore Bobby had to slow down in the middle of the race.
Question 7.
What did Bobby do when he saw a duck and her duckling swimming across the waterway?
He slowed down his boat when he saw a duck and her ducklings across the waterway.
(B) Read the following sentences and tick them as true or false :
(निम्नलिखित वाक्यों को पढ़कर सही व गलत निशान लगाइए)

  1. Athletes come from all countries to take part in the Olympic games.
  2. Bobby Pearce’s father was a great wrestler.
  3. At the age of six, Bobby won the first race.
  4. The people on the bank were silent.
  5. His friends in the Australian Olympic team were not surprised.
  6. In all these years, he lost a few races.


  1. T
  2. F
  3. T
  4. F
  5. T
  6. F

Word Power

Match these :

  1. Pig         –   (a) piglet
  2. Owl        –   (b) cygnet
  3. Swan       –   (c) owlet
  4. Book       –   (d) kitchenette
  5. River       –   (e) booklet
  6. Kitchen     –   (f) rivulet.


  1. (a)
  2. → (c)
  3. → (b)
  4. → (e)
  5. → (f)
  6. → (d).

Grammar in Use :

(A) Fill in the blank spaces with the correct form of the verb given below :
(नीचे दिये शब्दों के सही रूप से रिक्त स्थानों को भरिए)
(hear, win, seem, compete, wait)

  1. Our Indian Cricket Team …………… The World Cup in 1983.
  2. There was complete silence outside. Suddenly I …………… a noise.
  3. Milkha Singh was leading in the 100 metre race in the Olympics. It …………… that he would win the race.
  4. We couldn’t play the cricket match because of heavy rain. We …………… until the rain stopped.
  5. Kamal is the 800 metre race champion of our school. So far he has …………… many races and never lost any.


  1. won
  2. heard
  3. seemed
  4. waited
  5. competed.

(B) Fill in the blank spaces with appropriate prepositions given ahead :
(with, on, in, into, across, by, to)

  1. We should not write ……….. the walls.
  2. There is plenty of water ……….. the jug.
  3. Children are playing ……….. a football.
  4. Ashu drew a line ……….. the page.
  5. Abu jumped ……….. the river.
  6. We go ……….. school ……….. bus.
  7. Mehak kept the book ……….. her bag.


  1. on
  2. in
  3. with
  4. across
  5. into
  6. to, by
  7. in.

Let’s Talk :

Talk to your friends in the class. Ask questions to fill up the blank spaces in the table given below.
Students can talk to their friends in the class and fill up the blank spaces in the given table themselves, as shown in the example, according to the answers given by their friends.

Let’s Write :

(A) Write sentences from the above table as in the example.
(उपर्युक्त तालिका से उदाहरण के अनुसार वाक्य बनाएँ।)
Students can write the sentences as given in the example themselves according to the answers they have filled in the table.

(B) Write a letter to your friend describing a sports event held in your school.
See letters in the Grammar section.

Let’s Do It :

(A) Match the heading with the news items and write them in the table given at the end.

(B) Fruits and Vegetables – Precaution
(फल और सब्जियाँ-सावधानी)

Question 1.
What did Nidhi and her friends ask Dr. Prasad ?
They ask Dr. Prasad a few questions on using fruits and vegetables sefely.
Question 2.
Why should we not keep fruits after cutting them ?
Because they may get infected.

Question 3.
Why do we wash the fruits before eating ?
They have eggs and larvae of insects or the pesticides on them.

Question 4.
Why should we not peel the fruits?
Fruits have vitamins in their peel, so we should not peel them.
Question 5.
How does overcooking harm our food ?
So, because overcooking spoils vitamins and other nutrients of the food.

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