MP Board Class 6th General English Solutions Chapter 9 : The Cobbler and the Fairies

Lesson 9 : The Cobbler and the Fairies

Word Meanings

Cobbler (कॉब्लर) – मोची, Fairies (फेयरीज) – परियाँ, Leather (लेदर) – चमड़ा,Afraid (अफेड) – डरा हुआ, Help (हैल्प) – सहायता, Work shop (वर्क शॉप) – कारखाना, Bright (ब्राइट) – चमकीला, Sewn (स्यून) – सिला हुआ, Hide (हाइड) – छुपना, Waited (वेटिड) – प्रतीक्षा की, Kind (काइन्ड) – दयावान, Surprised (सरप्राइज्ड) – आश्चर्य चकित, Continued (कण्टीन्यूड) – सुचारु रखा।

The Cobbler and the Fairies Textual Exercise

Word Power (शब्द सामर्थ्य)

1. Make a list of five items made of leather.
(चमड़े से बनी 5 वस्तुओं की एक सूची बनाओ।)

  1. bags
  2. purses
  3. shoes
  4. belts
  5. jackets.

2. Write the opposites for the given ahead words.
(अग्रांकित शब्दों के विपरीत शब्द लिखो।)

  1. happy – unhappy
  2. kind – cruel
  3. night – day
  4. beautiful – ugly
  5. bright – dim

3. Match the people with the work they do for you.
(लोगों का उनके कार्यों से मिलान करो।)

1. → (c)
2. → (d)
3. → (e)
4. → (b)
5. → (a)

4. Form smaller words from bigger words. One is done for you.
(बड़े शब्दों से छोटे-छोटे शब्द बनाओ।)
Leather : eat, her.
Teacher : each, her.
Chair : hair, air.
Fairy : fair, air.
Carpet : car, pet.

5. Find the rhyming pairs and list them all.
(समान ध्वनि वाले जोड़े ढूढ़ो और अनके सूची बनाओ।)
fear, leather, bright, greedy, wife, sewn, hide, needy, find, shop, weather, night, dear, flop, wide, knife, kind, phone.
1. fear        – dear
2. leather   – weather
3. bright    – night
4. sewn      – phone
5. hide       – wide
6. find        – kind
7. needy    – greedy
8. shop      – flop
9. knife      – wife

Comprehension Questions (बोध प्रश्न)

1. Say ‘true’ or ‘false’.
(सही या गलत बताओ।)

  1. Denu was a washerman.
  2. The fairies made the shoes.
  3. Dhania sewed clothes for the fairies.
  4. Denu made clothes for the fairies.
  5. Dhania said that God will help them.


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True.

2. Answer these questions
(इन प्रश्नों का उत्तर दो।)

Question 1.
Why was Denu worried?
दीनू क्यों चिन्तित था?
Denu had on money to buy more leather so he was worried.
दीनू के पास चमड़ा खरीदने के लिए और पैसा नहीं था, इसलिए वह चिन्तित था।

Question 2.
What did Denu find in his workshop the next morning?
दीनू को अगली सुबह अपने कारखाने में क्या मिला?
He found bright shining pair of shoes the next morning.
अगली सुबह उसे साफ चमकीले जूते के जोड़े तैयार मिले।

Question 3.
What did Dhania make for the fairies?
धनिया ने परियों के लिए क्या बनाया?
Dhania made five bright colorful pair of clothes for the fairies.
धनिया ने पाँच जोड़े सुन्दर चमकीले कपड़े परियों के लिए बनाए।

Question 4.
How did Denu and Dhania find out who made the shoes?
दीनू और धनिया को कैसे पता चला कि जूते किसने बनाए?
One night they hid behind the door and saw the fairies working on the shoes.
एक रात वे दरवाजे के पीछे छुप गए और परियों को जूते बनाते देखा।

Question 5.
What did the fairies do when they got new clothes?
नये कपड़े मिलने पर परियों ने क्या किया?
The fairies put them on and sang and danced all night.
परियों ने उन्हें पहना और सारी रात नाचती गाती रहीं।

Grammar in Use (व्याकरण प्रयोग)

Match one with many: (एक से अनेक का मिलान करों।)
One        Many
leaf         leaves
shelf       shelves
knife       knives
half         halves
wolf        wolves
calf         calves.

Let’s Talk (आओ, बात करें)

1. Work with your partner. Think yourself to be a fairy. Let your partner ask you questions on the following hints given. For example
(अपने साथी के साथ कार्य करो। स्वयं को एक परी समझो। अपने साथी को निम्नलिखित दिये संकेतों पर प्रश्न पूछने दो। उदाहरण के लिए:)
Would you like to eat lots of sweets and icecream?
Answer. Yes, I would or No, I won’t.
[Hint : Mala asks question and Rita answers them.]
Mala : Would you like to eat lots of sweets and icecream?
Rita : Yes, I would.
Mala : Would you like to give food to the poor?
Rita : Yes, I would.
Mala : Would you like to buy lots of toys for yourself?
Rita : Yes, I would.
Mala : Would you like to watch television all the time?
Rita : No, I won’t.
Mala : Would you like to use your money to help the old and the needy?
Rita : Yes, I would.
Mala : Would you like to fill your cupboard with clothes?
Rita : Yes, I would
Mala : Would you like to buy lots of good books to read?
Rita : Yes, I would.
Mala : Would you like to make homes for children without parents?
Rita : Yes, I would.

2. Can you guess, what’s it?
(क्या तुम बता सकते हो, यह क्या है?)

  1. A bow of colors in the sky – rainbow
  2. A big animal that eats sugarcane – elephant.
  3. Something that goes with you all time – shadow.

Let’s Read (आओ पढ़ें)

See the passage and questions in the book.
(गद्यांश एवं प्रश्नों को पुस्तक से देखें।)
Answers :

  1. The man made two holes for the cats to go in and out.
  2. The friend suggested to man that one hole is enough.
  3. The man made holes in the lower part of the door.
  4. Yes, the man was silly because he did not even think that both the cats can pass through a single big hole.
  5. (i) The friend says that one hole is enough.
    (ii) Both the cats can go through the big hole.

Let’s Write (आओ लिखें)

Find the names of at least ten different professionals from this box and write them in given blanks.


  1. architect
  2. advocate
  3. nurse
  4. driver
  5. gardner (gardener)
  6. artist
  7. painter
  8. teacher
  9. pilot
  10. engineer

Let’s Do (आओ करें)

Make a list of the necessary things which you need while going on summer vacations.
Do yourself.

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