MP Board Revision Exercises Class 6th General English : Revision Exercises 2

Class 6th General English Revision Exercises 2

Do yourself (स्वयं करें)

Word Power (शब्द सामर्थ्य)

1. Make sentences using these words.
(इन शब्दों को प्रयोग कर वाक्य बनाइए।)

  1. Arrow – He pointed his arrow towards him.
  2. Successful – Sohan is a successful businessman.
  3. Prince – The prince was playing in the garden.
  4. Confident – Gita was confident that she would win.
  5. Ready – He is always ready to do work.

2. Match the animals with their young ones.
(जानवरों को उनके शिशुओं से मिलान करो।)
1. → (e)
2. → (f)
3. → (a)
4. → (b)
5. → (c)
6. → (d)

3. Write down the five names of indoor games and outdoor games each.
(घर के अन्दर खेले जाने वाले और बाहर खेले जाने वाले पाँच खेलों के नाम बताओ।)
Indoor games :

  1. carom
  2. Chess
  3. Ludo
  4. table tennis
  5. badminton

Outdoor games :

  1. football
  2. kabbadi
  3. hockey
  4. cricket
  5. kho-kho

4. Rearrange the letters to make the correct spelling of words.
(नामों की स्पैलिंग सही करने के लिए अक्षरों को पुनः व्यवस्थित करें।)
rleevlart – traveller
badinmont – badminton
teplahne – elephant
noil – lion
roarw – arrow

Comprehension Questions (बोध प्रश्न)

Answer these Question: (इन प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए:)

Question 1.
What lights the traveller?
The bright and tiny spark of the star lights the traveller.

Question 2.
What different skills did Guru Dron teach the princes?
Guru Dron taught to use different arms, to ride horses and to fight the enemy well.

Question 3.
What do you think helped Meena?
Meena’s self confidence helped her to win the race.

Question 4.
What can the elephant do with its trunk?
The elephant can pull down a house and pick up a pin with its trunk.

Grammar in Use (व्याकरण प्रयोग)

1. Fill in the blanks using singular/plural form.
(एकवचन/बहुवचन से खाली स्थान भरें।)
Singular      Plural
knife           knives
bush           bushes
fairy            fairies
man            men
key             keys
child           children
foot            feet
mouse        mice
tooth          teeth
deer           deer

2. Match the correct forms. (सही forms का मिलान करों)
I’m – I am               don’t – do not
I’ve – I have           won’t – would not
I’ll – I will               can’t – cannot
You’ll – you will     that’s – that is
It’s – It is                what’s – what is
It’ll – It will             who’s – who is

3. Rewrite the sentences using () and (” “).
(कोमा (.) व इनवर्टैड कोमा (” “)का प्रयोग कर वाक्यों को पुनः लिखिए।)
Mala says that she wants to be a doctor.
Mala says, “I want to be a doctor”.

Question 1.
Meena says that she wants to be an engineer.
Meena saya, “I wan to be an engineer.”

Question 2.
Gautam says that he wants to be a teacher.
Gautam says, “I want to be a teacher.”

Question 3.
Ravi says that he wants to be an inspector.
Ravi says, “I want to be an inspector.”

Question 4.
Radha says that she wants to be a pilot.
Radha says, “I want to be a pilot.”.

Question 5.
Arif says that he wants to be a lawyer.
Arif says, “I want to be a lawyer.”

Let’s Write (आओ लिखें)

Write five sentences about an elephant using the given clues.
(दिये गये संकेतों की सहायता से एक हाथी के बारे में 5 वाक्य लिखिए।)
Example: Huge – An elephant is a huge animal.

  1. Trunk – An elephant can pick up a pin with its trunk.
  2. Tusks – An elephant has two white tusks.
  3. Strong – An elephant is a strong animal.
  4. Heavy load – An elephant can carry heavy load.
  5. Ride – Children take a ride on elephant’s back.

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