MP Board Class 7th General English Solution Chapter 9 :  The White Visitor

Lesson 9 : The White Visitor

The White Visitor Word Meanings

Cost (कॉस्ट)-कीमत; Going up (गोइंग अप) -बढ़ रही है; Too much (टू मच)-बहुत अधिक; Less than that (लेसदैन दैट)-उससे कम; to pay (टूपे)-अदा करने के लिए; Little more (लिटिल मोर)-थोड़ा अधिक; of course (ऑफ कोर्स)-वास्तव में; In the middle (इन द मिडिल)-बीच में; In a bad state (इन अ बैड स्टेट) -खराब दशा में; In good order (इन गुड ऑर्डर)-ठीक स्थिति में; Strange (स्ट्रेन्ज़)-अनोखी; Believe (बिलीव) -विश्वास करना; To visit (टू विज़िट)-देखने के लिए; With a long pause (विद अ लौंग पौज़) लम्बी रुकावट के साथ; Afraid off (अफ्रेड ऑफ)-भयभीत; Pulls off (पुल्स ऑफ)-खींचकर हटा देता है; Glad (ग्लैड)-प्रसन्न To come down down (टू कम डाउन)-नीचे आ जाना, भाव उतर जाना; Handy (हैण्डी)- आसानी से प्रयोग करने योग्य; Several (सेवरल)-कई; Lose (लूज़)-खो देना; Visitor (विजिटर)-आगन्तुक; Soldier (सोल्जर) -सिपाही; Suppose (सपोज)-मानो; Dressed in white (ड्रेस्ड इन व्हाइट)-सफेद कपड़े पहने हुए।

Questions 1.
Why did Dr. Dass need to buy a house ?
Dr. Dass needed to buy a house because he had come to live and work in Kalighat (Kolkata).

Question 2.
Why did he want to buy Shanti Bhawan?
He wanted to buy Shanti Bhawan because it did not cost much.
Question 3.
What reason did Mr. Chaudhary give Dr. Dass so that he wouldn’t buy Shanti Bhawan
Mr. Chaudhary gave Dr. Dass a reason that the owner of the house was Mrs. Ghosh who died two years back. He told that people say that she visits her old house in the night.

Question 4.
Why did Dr. Dass want to spend a night in the house before buying it ?
Dr. Dass wanted to spend a night in the house before buying it so that he might know the real thing.
Question 5.
Who was the ‘White Visitor’? Do you think Dr. Dass suspected anyone else before he caught the ghost ?
The ‘White Visitor’, was Mr. Chaudhary. We think Dr. Dass did not suspect anyone else before he caught the ghost.
Question 6.
What qualities of Dr. Dass helped him in buying the house?
Dr. Dass was intelligent, determined and brave so these qualities helped him in buying the house.
Question 7.
Why did Mr. Chaudhary ask Dr. Dass not to talk about this incident ?
Mr. Chaudhary asked Dr. Dass not to talk about this incident. Otherwise he would lose his business.

Word Power :

(A) Write the qualities of Dr. Dass and Mr. Chaudhary in correct columns :
Dr. Dass -Smart, intelligent determined, brave.
Mr. Chaudhary-Not straight forward, lacks confidence, clever, greedy

(B) Match the following:
(सही मिलान करिए):


  1. (c)
  2. → (e)
  3. → (g)
  4. → (b)
  5. → (f)
  6. → (d)
  7. → (a)

Grammar in Use :

(A) Learn these phrases with their meanings and fill in the blank spaces in the sentences given below using the suitable phrase in its correct form:
(निम्न वाक्यांशों को अर्थ सहित याद कीजिए और दिए गए वाक्यों के खाली स्थानों में वाक्यांश का सही रूप भरो)।
(to visit, dressed in, in a bad state, afraid of, by the light of, in good order, at the end, head to foot.)

  1. All my records are ……………..
  2. His grandmother is very old, she is …………….. of health.
  3. Sohan went …………….. his sister last month.
  4. He is working …………….. the moon.
  5. Suman was …………….. a khadi saree to act as a leader.
  6. The sick child gets cured …………….. of the story.
  7. She was wearing black clothes from ……………..
  8. I am not …………….. ghosts.


  1. In good order
  2. in a bad state
  3. to visit
  4. by the light of
  5. dressed in
  6. at the end
  7. head to foot
  8. afraid of.

(B) Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect form of Narration :
(निम्न वाक्यों को अप्रत्यक्ष (indirect) रूप में लिखिए)

  1. Geeta said that she was going to her grandmother’s place.
  2. Seema asked her how far her grandmother’s house was.
  3. Geeta told that it was not very far. She would have to take a bus to Sonpur village.
  4. Seema said that Sonpur was a nice village. She had seen it.

(C) Read the following words and write them in the right column.
(निम्नलिखित शब्दों को पढ़िए और उन्हें सही कॉलम में लिखिए)
(Pencil, king, mother, baby, cup, parent, father, tree, girl, boy, uncle, book, aunt, lioness, teacher, queen, cousin, box, ghost.)


Let’s Talk :

(A) Work in pairs and answer the questions :
(जोड़ों में काम कीजिए और प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए।)

  1. ‘Shanti,Bhawan’ stands in the middle of the town. Its owner is Mrs. Ghosh. Mrs. Ghosh died two years back. She visits her house in the form of ghost.
  2. Dr. Dass did not believe in Mr. Choudhary’s stories.
  3. Dr. Dass plans to find out the truth. He goes to ‘Shanti Bhawan’ to have a sleep at night and find out himself what the reality was.
  4. After midnight, Dr. Dass hears sound just outside the bedroom door. The door opens very slowly and quietly. Something dressed in white from head to foot comes in and stands at the end of the room.
  5. Dr. Dass says to the white visitor that he is busy in reading and wants to finish the book and he is not afraid of him.
  6. Dr. Dass pulls the white cloth off the visitor’s face and finds out the truth.

(B) Match the answers in column ‘B’ with the questions in column ‘A’
(कॉलम ‘B’ में दिए उत्तरों को कॉलम ‘A’ में दिए प्रश्नों से मिलान कीजिए।)


  1. (d)
  2. (a)
  3. (c)
  4. (b)

Let’s Write :

(A) Imagine you are Dr. Dass. Write a letter to your sister telling her how you managed to buy the house and what your future plans are about the garden which you intend to have outside to house.
Shyamla Hills,
January 15, 2003
Dear Anju,

Hope you are fine. I have bought a house in Kolkata for 3 lakhs. Its a good house but I had to strive a lot in buying it. Actually, the house agent told me that the place was haunted so I should not dare to buy it. I stayed in the house for one night and found that the white visitor who visited the house at night was not a ghost but the house agent who wanted to buy it himself at more cheap rates.

Well ! now that I have bought it, I have planned to have a beautiful garden outside the house. I’ll plant roses, sunflower and lily in it. I’ll also plant mango and guava trees and some ornamental plants. On one side I’ll plant vegetables like spinach, radish, potato etc. Please visit my home soon.

Yours affectionately
Dr. Dass

Let’s Do It:

Read some stories you like and share them with your classmates. Narrate them in short sentences.
Students should search books from the library and read the stories and narrate them briefly in short sentences.

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