MP Board Class 6th General English Solutions Chapter 12 : Birbal and the Washerman

Lesson 12 : Birbal and the Washerman

Birbal and the Washerman Textual Exercise

word Power (शब्द सामथ्य)

(Complete the Word Puzzle)
(शब्द-पहेली को पूरा करो।)

Comprehension Questions (बोध प्रश्न):

1. Answer these questions in ‘Yes/No’:
( इन प्रश्नों का ‘हाँ’ था ‘न’ में उत्तर दें)

  1. Birbal was the King.
  2. Akbar was a generous King.
  3. Denu was a minister.
  4. The washerman was a greedy man.
  5. Kusum does not help her husband.


  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. No
  5. No

2. Say, Who said to Whom:
(बताओ किसने किससे कहा:)

Question 1.
“Water of this river is very cold.”
Akbar said to Birbal.

Question 2.
“Win a hundred gold coins, challenge from the King.”
Town crier to people in the town.

Question 3.
“I kept on praying for your safety the whole night.”
Denu’s wife, Kusum to Denu.

Question 4.
“You majesty, he is cooking food.”
A messenger to King Akbar.

Question 5.
“Salutation. Your Majesty.”
Answer: Denu to Kind Akbar.

3. Answer these questions:
(इन प्रश्नों के उत्तर दो:)

Question 1.
What was Akbar’s challenge?
अकबर की चुनौती क्या थी?
Akbar’s challenge was to stand in the cold water of Yamuna the whole night.
यमुना के ठण्डे पानी में रात भर खड़े रहना ही अकबर की चुनौती थी।

Question 2.
Why was Denu ready to accept the challenge?
दीनू ने चुनौती क्यों मान ली?
Denu was a washerman so he had a habit of washing clothes in cold water. Secondly, he wanted to get the reward.
दीनू एक धोबी था अतः उसे ठण्डे पानी में कपड़े धोने की आदत थी। दूसरा वह इनाम पाना चाहता था।

Question 3.
Why didn’t Denu’s wife want to accept the challenge?
दीनू की पत्नी चुनौती क्यों नहीं मानना चाहती थी?
She did not want to risk Denu’s life to accept the challenge.
वह चुनौती मानने के लिए दीनू का जीवन दाँव पर लगाना नहीं चाहती थी।

Question 4.
What was the courtier’s objection?
दरबारी को क्या आपत्ति थी?
The courtier said that he has taken heat from the lights of the palace.
दरबारी ने कहा कि उसने महल के दीयों से गर्मी ली है।

Question 5.
How did Birbal bring justice to Denu?
बीरबल ने दीनू को न्याय कैसे दिलाया?
Birbal played a trick. He put some fire on the ground and kept cooking pot on a long tripod. Seeing it Akbar himself said how can this fire cook food on such a long distance. So Birbal made him realize that small fire at long distance cannot give heat to Denu.

बीरबल ने एक चाल चली। उसने जमीन पर थोड़ी आग जुलाई और ऊँचे त्रिकोण डण्डे पर खाने की हॉण्डी टाँग दी। उसे देखकर अकबर ने स्वयं कहा कि यह आग इतनी दूरी से खाना नहीं पका सकती। इस तरह बीरबल ने अकबर को समझा दिया कि दूरी से आग दीनू को गरमाई नहीं दे सकती।

Question 6.
Why was Denu very happy at the end?
दीनू अन्त में बहुत प्रसन्न क्यों हुआ?
Denu was very happy because at last he got the reward.
दीनू बहुत प्रसन्न था क्योंकि अन्त में उसे इनाम मिल गया।

Grammar in Use (व्याकरण प्रयोग)

1. Complete the chart. (चार्ट को पूरा करो।)

2. Fill in the blanks using correct adverbs:
(नीचे लिखे क्रिया-विशेषण का प्रयोग कर रिक्त स्थान

(loudly, comfortably, happily, really, thoughtfully, sadly, quickly.)
1. “Are you really going away to America Rohan?” said mother.
2. The teacher said thoughtfully, “I will find a way to help you.”
3. The cap seller said sadly, “All my caps are gone.”
4. The patient slept comfortably after the doctor gave him some medicine.
5. Ramu went home quickly after watching the play.
6. Once he got his money he went home happily.
7. The lion roared loudly, “Who woke me up?”

Let’s Talk (आओ, बात करें)

Do yourself.

Let’s Read (आओ पढ़ें)

See the passage and questions in the book.
(गद्यांश एवं प्रश्नों को पुस्तक में देखें।)
1. The dreams come between times of deep sleep.
2. Some people talk in their dreams. Some others even get out of their beds and start walking.
3. We might have bad dreams when we are sick.
4. The football player had a bad dream. He talked loudly, then he jumped out of bed. He ran through the room, jumped out of the window, and fell into the garden eighteen feet below. Then he ran onto the road, and woke up. He stopped, very surprised, but unhurt.
5. Yes, sometimes I also dream, In my one dream, I found myself with my favourite cricketer Sachin Tendulakar. We were both in a cricket ground. He gave me his cap as token of love but when? awoke, it was nothing but merely a dream.

Let’s Write (आओ लिखें)

Write a story of Akbar and Birbal in your own words.
(अपने शब्दों में अकबर और बीरबल की एक कहानी)
Once Akbar felt that someone has pulled his moustaches while he was asleep. He asked his courtiers that if that person is caught what punishment should he give to him. Each courtier gave his own suggestion. Someone said to give the punishment of imprisonment, while other one said to hang him to death, and so on. Then Akbar asked Birbal. He asked Akbar to give him one day to find the answer. The next day Birbal said that the emperor should make that person sit on his lap instead of punishing him.

The courtiers made fun of him. Then Akbar asked Birbal the reason for the suggestion he had given. Birbal replied that no person in the kingdom had the courage of pulling emperor Akbar’s moustaches except his own son Salim. So, he should made him sit on his lap instead of punishing him. Then only Salim came and sat on emperor’s lap and started pulling his moustaches. Akbar was highly impressed by Birbal’s wisdom and all courtiers had no words to say.

Let’s Do (आओ करें):

Complete the following chart about Akbar’s qualities by adding words that describe him best.
(निम्नलिखित चार्ट को उन शब्दों को जोड़ते हुए जो उन्हें सर्वश्रेष्ठ बतायें, का प्रयोग कर पूरा करें।)
Akbar’s qualities-wise, brave, courageous, kind, just, intelligent, foresighted.

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