The Beautiful Clothes in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

In the past two years, we have gone through a difficult period. Y2K style suddenly revived and became popular, while also bringing back the dazzling 2000. This style creates a fantasy utopia, changes the whole depressing life atmosphere in turbulent times, and also expresses people’s yearning for freedom and happiness.

RomComCore, as the next popular trend, has broken 100 million clicks on TikTok, which has well illustrated its preheating degree, and it will become a new trend in 2023. RomComCore refers to the “romantic comedies style”, which is different from the tense and complicated life atmosphere of last year. This year, people began to yearn for the movie heroine who appeared in the 2000s. Girls are more likely to dress up as romantic comedy stars who fail and then succeed. In addition to the beautiful costumes in the movie, it is precise because the girls yearn for a confident, strong and optimistic character, so this style is more liked by people as if doing so, the sunshine of life can disperse the haze of life.

A typical romantic comedy is Anne Hathaway’s The Princess Diaries, which has a happy ending. The ordinary and inferior girl suddenly changed from a civilian to a princess. After everyone’s efforts and self-change, she regained her confidence and gained her happy love.

This may be like a wonderful fairy tale, or like the ugly duckling of a reality show into a swan, but there is nothing wrong with having such a good hope. RomComCore doesn’t have the dizzyingly high saturation of Y2K. However, colorful items are kept to complement the relaxed atmosphere. In addition, clothing styles tend to express the vivacity of young girls, mostly fitted but short, or as in romantic films such as “Notting Hill” and “The Sound of Music”, clothing designs tend to be casual and elegant.

These outfits are often seen in romantic comedies, such as Kate Hudson’s flower-print A-line dress and short cardigan in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. In the film, the heroine is an editor of a fashion magazine who dates a playboy to write a guidebook on love, but the man also falls in love with her for a bet. But instead of going in the direction they expected, they gradually fell into the relationship and began to care about each other. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 123 Movies?is?not?a recommended website to watch free movies for its illegality.

Just like Kate Hudson’s yellow backless dress on the poster, the heroine?Andie is a sexy, glamorous woman. The backless design is the biggest highlight of the dress, although sexy but elegant. In the dusk of the night, it can set off the charm of the heroine like a fairy. Her beauty and confidence are what girls admire and want to have. In addition to this sexy dress, there is also jewelry to set off the nobility of the heroine. The necklace worn by the heroine in the film is the work of Harry Winston. With its high price and rare diamonds, this necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever made.

Now, Kate Hudson has three children. However, it must be noted that she still has a great figure. When she was pregnant, she believed that practicing yoga would connect her with her child. Yoga, not only makes her figure better, but also can do mother-child interaction when the child is not born. Therefore, girls should not only focus on learning how to dress themselves but also learn to exercise properly.

More of what draws people to Rom Com is the sense of atmosphere. It’s this feeling: the essence of optimism, romance, and nostalgia that really underpins these films and then seeps into the fashion that people love. Who doesn’t love a movie that makes you feel good and fulfills your fantasies? Hope you all like romantic comedies, find your love and have a good life ,more movies on and

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